Published: 2023-01-12T17:23:00

Updated: 2023-01-12T17:23:09

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that a streamer who regularly broadcasts themselves hacking on Twitch has been banned.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its core and the majority of players go into every single match looking to secure a victory.

While most of the community relies on their skill alone, others prefer to take shortcuts and use third-party software to cheat.

These hacks usually come in the form of aimbots, wallhacks, or sometimes enhanced movement abilities. While Apex’s anti-cheat usually detects cheaters automatically, that’s not always the case, with some hackers dodging suspensions for weeks until a manual ban is enforced.

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Well, one streamer took it to the next level, openly streaming their hacks on Twitch, before a dev confirmed that they had been permanently suspended from the Outlands.

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has promised improvements for the anti-cheat are coming.

Hacking Twitch streamer banned from Apex Legends

A Twitch streamer that regularly broadcasts themselves hacking on Apex Legends has been after terrorizing lobbies with a blatant aimbot.

As you can see below, the player has no interest in hiding the third-party software. Their gun automatically locks onto foes and wipes them before they have a chance to react.

Taking to Twitter on January 10, IntrepidusOne tagged Security Analyst at Respawn Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford with a clip of the streamer using an aimbot.

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The dev quickly responded by saying that the cheater has been “banned via automated detection” just after this tweet had been posted.

While this suspension may prevent the streamer from playing on their original account, there’s nothing stopping them from creating a new one.

Not only that, based on their recent vods, they’ve been openly streaming hacks for an extended period of time with no punishment.

The community will be hoping that the anti-cheat improvements arrive soon, to prevent cheaters from ruining any more matches.